Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kyler: Feb 8, 2008

Yesterday was a really good day for Kyler. I finally saw his little eyes after 10 days of a lifeless baby! so can i tell you how good that was! He is starting to wiggle a little bit too, it is so cute. He is starting to shed all the fluid he has been retaining too, so he doesn't look like a marshmellow with eyes as much. They found out he really likes his belly so they have been switching him back and forth and are able to move a lot of the mucus out when they do that. He has been getting full feeds, which is 24 cc of milk every hour since sunday. They also gave him about 3 ounces of blood yesterday cuz he was almost down to about half of what he should have, and that helped put some color back in his skin- it did make me a little quesy when i saw a bag of blood though. His blood pressure was really high last night and he was really mad at the world, but today he has calmed down. I think he had a lot of air in his belly from trying to put his feeding tube in so many times. Keep him in your prayers, and hopefully we can make it out of here in a week or so. we love you all

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