Monday, June 29, 2009

How I got Sydney to eat pea's

So parenting is kind of one big guessing game for me. You have to pretty much try to outsmart your kids or they outsmart you. Getting my kids to eat has always been a challenge, especially foods they say they don't like even they have never tried them. So one day we had pea's with our dinner and Sydney refused to eat them. She told me she hates peas and she doesn't want to eat them. So I say- Ok that's fine, but I want to tell you a story about a princess who didn't like peas. She kind of perks up and says she wants to hear it. So I proceed to tell her about a princess that didn't like pea's and one day she decided to try them and she noticed her hair grew just a little bit. So she ate another pea and her hair grew a little more. And pretty soon the little princess had ate so many pea's that her hair grew all the way to the ground. THE END I look at Sydney and she say's "I think I like peas mom" and ever since then she begs me to have peas with our dinner. I would have to say I won that fight and she didn't even know it. The funny part is now she wants to know what every food "does". So I have to think of something new with every meal, Carrots make our eyes sparkle, noodles make us strong, spinach makes us run fast.... etc. They are really funny about it though, and they always remember what I tell them so that when a food overlaps with another foods super power they know it and they tell me- no mom, that's not what it does.When they eat their carrots they close there eyes while they are chewing so I can see how sparkly they are when they open them, it is hilarious. But I have to say it worked. I also told them that junk food just tastes good but it doesn't do anything for our bodies. I have to admit that most the time as a parent I don't have a clue what I am doing, so it is great when a crazy idea actually works! It will just be so sad one day when they are sitting at the lunch table with their friends telling them how there hair grows because they eat their peas and all their friends start laughing, and they will realize that I am a liar....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't look if pins sticking out of a finger make you faint

Justin went up to the Surgeon today and they took his hard cast off and put him in a removable one. He took it off when he got home and showed it to me, let's just say I felt a little queasy looking at it. Those little balls are the pin heads, so he has three pins sticking into him. I know it is gross, and he thinks I am going to be able to clean them and pull back the skin around the pin without fainting, yah right- that's why I never became a nurse!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Justin's Bday

It was quite the eventful weekend! Saturday Justin's brothers came down early and went riding. Justin had a little crash and broke his pointer finger and has to go have surgery on it this week. So we had a little detour to the ER, but like they say- the show must go on! So we went home and had his party with some friends and Justin's family. All the little girls had on their "High school musical" costumes that Karrie had bought. Then Sunday Mom, dad, Johnny's family, Rochelle's family, and Davey's family all came down for dinner and a little ATV riding on the back yard hill. I am sure the orgill blog will have detailed video and pictures of the event soon. We managed to make it through the day with no injuries. We had so much fun!