Saturday, July 9, 2011

T.M.I (Too much information)

I know i never blog anymore, i guess i just don't have enough time. But i think that this post could be helpful to other people so i guess i can talk about it. this past few months i have had a few things that are a little embarrassing to talk about so i will just say there is a pg-13 rating before you read on, so read at your own risk- this might be a little bit too much TMI. Anyways. So to start out the incredible hideous picture of my fat leg is when i was 8 months pregnant. I had no visible veins before i started having kids and with each kid they got worse and worse. Because of all the excess blood i carry when i am pregnant my veins were getting more and more damaged with each pregnancy and thus baby #4 left me looking like this... so sexy isn't it, well it was a little less ugly after the baby, but not much... well i am happy to say that i had a Vein ablation procedure done, and yes it did hurt, but i would do it again in a heartbeat! look at the difference in my leg!! I am pretty sure i could be a billboard for the Intermountain vein Clinic. but i can actually show my legs again. so here are the pictures, and don't gag when you look at them..


After (don't you like my cute sparkle toes too :) )

Part #2, so this is the section that is a little personal, but whatever. Assuming we are all married adults that need to think about birth control.... after Tayla was born i was exploring my options for birth control and decided to have an IUD. I was a little hesitant about it but after talking to my doctor i decided to do it. I read the little pamphlet and it sounded great, low risk of becoming pregnant, less hormone than the pill, very few side affects and you can keep it in for 5 yrs! wow! sounds great huh? so this tiny little device called a Mirena is inserted into your uterus, and supposedly some women don't even feel any pain from it but you might spot for a few months. The doctor did say something about a 1 in 1000 chance of it perforating your Uterus and having to have it surgically removed but he assured me that he has only had that happen one time and it is very uncommon.
so I go to my appointment to have it put in, and he tells me ok, you might feel a little cramp and as he inserts it i feel a sharp stabbing pain. I literally almost kicked him in the face and grunted very loudly. I feel bad for the person next door because i am sure they were wondering what the heck was going on. anyways- he tells me again- another cramp- and i yell again, then he says " sorry, one last cramp" and more stabbing pains are shooting through my body and all i could think is- I wish i had an epidural for that! so the doctor apologizes to me again and tells me to come back in a month for a routine check to see if it is in right. so after he leaves i get dressed and i feel so light headed i am afraid i am going to pass out. i go and get the ladies at the front to set up my follow-up appt and all i can think of is how slow she is writing and i feel as if i am going to pass out right there. I make it to my car an sit there for a minute to calm down, i rush home and just lay there for 1/2 hr not able to move i am in so much pain. I just sat there crying thinking, what the heck did i just do to myself???
Long story short, i was having intense stabbing pains for like 5 days, i called the nurse on the 2nd day and she tells me it's NORMAL?!?!? i just kept telling Justin it feels like i am being stabbed in the stomach. for the next couple weeks the pain lessened but i would get just little random stabs of pain here and there in my stomach and pelvis.
So i think you can guess what happened at my follow up, yep- he sends me for an x-ray because he can't see the strings (which are used to check for it). And after an x-ray, then an ultrasound, then a vaginal ultrasound, he calls and tells me it is completely through the wall of my uterus and is in my abdomen and needs to be surgically removed. I started crying of course, but was somewhat relieved that i was going to get the stupid thing out of me. I had been feeling like my stomach was swollen looking (it probably was), my hormones were out of control, i was in pain, so in a way i was so glad it was coming out for good!
Fast forward to today. I had the surgery done on the 24th of June by a doctor in Provo. He did awesome. He said it was way up in my abdominal cavity stuck in my fatty tissue. I do have pictures of that, but I will keep that one off the internet :). They did three small incisions in my stomach and used a scope to find it, so there was very little cutting and I recovered pretty quickly. So needless to say I feel like I am back to normal now. I wrote a letter to my doctor asking to pay for my portion of the surgery and refund the cost of my IUD, but i haven't heard anything from him yet.
So on the bright side- I did get my money's worth on my insurance this year between the baby, the vein thing, the IUD going in, the IUD coming out, the ultrasounds and x-rays, and many doctor appointments.
I hope you all feel closer to me now, cuz my personal life is not so personal anymore after all this! and here is one more picture of me right before surgery.