Monday, December 31, 2007

The difference between boys and girls

So it hasn't been that different having a little boy, until today. Kyler got circumcised today, and i hope i never have to see that again. yes- i did watch the doctor do it and it was so sad! i had to turn my head so i wouldn't pass out and sit down on the table. (hopefully the doctor didn't see my face turning white) and whoever said it doesn't really hurt the baby was lying! he is doing better now, but he cries every time he pee's...poor little feller! So now when everyone asks me, so is it different having a little boy, i can honestly say YES.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

12-16-07 Rochelle & Doug take pics of Kyler

12-16-07 a few more pictures of kyler

We got to go up and see Kyler today. He is so cute. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took of him...

12-15-07 Kyler at hospital then leaves for home

Justin filmed the first part with his camcorder, and Joe the last part when we picked her up. There are also shots of Julianne and Justin's house, inside and out also.

12-14-07 Davey & April visit Kyler & take pics

Davey and I went to see Kyler today, He is so sweet. I think Justin just told him a funny joke because he is laughing really hard in this photo. - april

7-9-07 Justin race slide show

7-9-07 Justin tells details of his race

I thought I would drop you a line. I will help clarify what the different classes are, and what it all means. There are two different engine sizes 250 cc and 450 cc, The 250 is capable of speeds up to about 75 mph and the 450 goes 85 mph. So they are really powerful and have a lot of torque similar to a V6 and V8 car engine. The classes are set up in four categories: Beginner, Junior, Intermidiate, and Pro. I signed up for the Over 25 Junior, Which put me in a step up from a beginner, I was also placed with both 250's and 450's. I ride a Honda CRF 250 R, So I was at a disadvantage in my class because my bike has less horsepower than the other bikes in my race, there were only a couple 250's me included and the rest were 450's. But it turned out to be pretty exciting and the choice in class I think fit my riding style correctly. When I went to the gate to stage for the race I was really nervous, I have always wanted to enter a real race and to finally get the opportunity was really exciting. The race included 12 riders, as the race began I found myself in mid pack and I really couldn't tell what position I was in, the dust and mud was everywhere to begin with, in the middle of the first turn I almost had a rider wipe out so it slowed me down a little bit, as the first lap progressed I set my sights on the rider ahead of me and began to try and find a place to pass, the opportunity came on a large straight of way and I passed him, this surprised me and I felt a renewed confidence to give it all I could. I went over a large 40 foot jump and with the momentum I gained I was able to get the next rider ahead of me in my sights, I quickly caught up to him and passed him in a off camber left turn, the third rider was only a few bike lenghts ahead but I could tell he had a 450 by the way he was shredding the dirt ahead of me, as I gained on him it was difficult to try and pass him with the smaller engine, but I was able to capatilize on a slow entrance by the rider into a corner and was able to draw even with him on the exit of the turn, we proceeded to battle for the next couple of turns and straightaways and finally bumped elbows forcing him to slow a bit, I took control and took off. At this point it was the end of the third lap, and the white final lap flag came out, I couldn't see any riders ahead of me at this point and I could start to feel the burning in my lungs from the heat, I found myself saying breathe!!!! Finally the checkered flag came out and I was so exhausted, I rode back to the truck and couldn't believe I had just finished a race. It was awesome, Julianne and my brother and sister came and congratulated me it was cool and I was grateful for there support. Julianne was really supportive which was really surprising, I thought after my bad wreck last year she would have been really against this, so I am really grateful for her help you have raised a great daughter!! Anyways I thought I would tell you how it went. Talk to ya later Justin

7-17-07 Madison gets hurt again

well, madison got hurt again today. we were eating lunch and i think she was trying to get off her stool and fell. she didn't really look like she got hurt, but her armpit got stuck on one on the rungs of the chair. she held it for a minute, but then she acted fine. then i tried to pick her up and grabbed her under her arms and she started crying real bad. we decided to go have it looked at, and they took an x-ray which didn't show any broken bones, but i heard her screaming down the hall when they were lifting her arms, (i'm glad justin took her in and not me). so the doctor was guessing that she tore her cartilage between her two rotarty cups, but he really didn't know. we have to take her back on monday for a bone scan to see if that can tell us any more. I really didn't think she got hurt that bad, but she screams every time you even move her so i think she is in a lot of pain. they put her on lowertab for the pain, and they wrapped her up real good to immobilize her. i'm sure she will be fine, but i really don't know for sure what she did, but at least the medication makes her sleep alot. i will let you know how she's doing in a few days.

7-18-07 Madison hurts shoulder

6-14-07 Justin's birthday and zade hurts his lip

7-24-07 Cherry Hills Part 2

7-24-07 Cherry Hills Part 1

3-26-07 Madison burns her finger

well- i didn't think maddy could endure anything more painful that having a fingernail ripped off, but i think this one tops the fingernail. this morning she grabbed my curling iron and badly burned her right hand. I took her to the ER and she had second degree burns on her entire hand. i don't know if you can see it in the picture, but she has a large blister on her thumb and pointer finger and three or four smaller ones on the rest of her fingers. i felt so bad, i was standing right there when she did it too. she is one tough little girl though, she only cried for like a half hour and then she was fine. i can tell it still hurts, but i think the bandages bother her more than anything cuz she keeps trying to pull them off. she's had a rough couple of months, i just hope this is the end of it...


2-27-07 Volleyball tourni and Madison loses a nail

Last friday me and some girls from price left our husbands and kids home and went and played volleyball in moab. Justin watched the girls all weekend for me. there were 35 teams that entered the tourney and we ended up taking 5th. it was a blast and lots of fun just to hang out with a bunch of girls and not worry about the kids. I was happy to get home and sleep in my own bed though and see my girls and justin.
monday sydney slammed madisons thumb in the door and it tore off her entire thumbnail, even under the skin and everything! i felt so bad for her, she has had a really rough winter. she is a trooper though. it doesn't seem to bother her that much anymore, it just looks really gross

2-25-07 Sydney steals the show

this is another pictures from connies wedding.
we were getting connies whole family set up for a shot
and Sydney comes twirling in to steal the show.

2-5-07 Madison's pneumonia

well, I was hoping that getting madison tubes in her ears would solve our problems but it hasn't. we all got a cold last week and both girls got ear infections. this week me and sydney started to feel better, but madison was still really grouchy, but I just figured she was getting a tooth, or she was just being a little grouchy cuz her cold was still hanging around. well friday she was really grouchy and i had noticed her sounding a little wheezy, but nothing too alarming, she was whinning a lot, but I still didn't think much of it and I had a really rough day at work. So saturday I woke up and madison slept in until 9:00 which is like 2 hours later than usual. I knew she was running a fever but I was gonna wait until she woke up to give her something. so when she woke up I brought her upstairs at justin's mom's and gave her a piece of bread and i noticed her hands looked a little purple, then she started falling asleep again just sitting on my lap. just then justin's mom came home and said she thought i should take her in to the clinic down the road. right then I really got scared cuz madison really was acting wierd and I knew something was wrong. so when we got there they told me her temperature was 101.7, her oxygen levels were low and her right tube in her ear was plugged so she had and infection and a more than one spot of pneumonia on her lungs. so they gave her a breathing treatment which i could tell helped immediately, then two shots in her leg , which she really hated, and put her on an oral antibiotic. so it was really scarry for a little while, and she basically slept for two days but today she is doing much better and is really acting like herself again. today she has been walking around and playing. Justin took off half a day of work and stayed home with the girls so I could work. I just hope that I can keep her well now.

1-22-07 Madison's tubes

This morning Madison had her tubes put in her ears. I think she must have known something was going on today, she woke up at 5:00 am and was really mad at me and it took me about an hour to get her back to sleep. But other than that, Everything went really well, she didn't cry when they took her or when she woke up, so that made it a little easier on me. It was a little hard seeing her with the little mask over her face though. She already seems like she is feeling better though. The doctor said she had a lot of fluid in both ears but no infection, so he drained that before he put the tubes in. She got a little irritated when I put her in the car cuz I think she didn't want to go in her car seat, but she is doing good. It actually was pretty painless it seems like. well that is all the news for now.