Friday, June 13, 2008

no more high security

So I think everyone was getting confused by the comments section- I was supposed to Ok the comments before they get posted because of a virus threat, but I got rid of it so hopefully commenting won't be confusing anymore!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

kyler gets a cold

Well I have been a little worried about kyler for the last week. He has been weezing a little bit, which the doctors said he may have problems with asthma and stuff, so i was going to talk to the doctor about it. Then we all got a little bit of a cold, and then kyler started sounding stuffy, so I decided to take him in and she said he sounded fine, but with his history she thought it would be best to just give him some steroids and a breathing treatment 4 times a day, which i was happy about, I really don't want to sit and wait around for him to get worse. So I have been watching him very close and other than the nasty sounding cough, he seems to be fine. I think we might be going through this every time he gets a cold. I am doing all I can to just head it off before it becomes a worse problem. Basically every time I hear him cough my heart sinks a little bit, but he is still breathing fine and so I think he will be over it in a few days.