Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day at the Cabin

Last weekend we went to the cabin in Tabiona. When we got there we discovered that the water had been shut off for repairs and we weren't going to have any water the whole weekend. I was pretty much ready to go home right then, I just imagined holding the kids in squatting positions outside at two in the morning and it was just not sounding fun. But it worked out ok. Right when we got there Justin and Josh saved the day by finding us water near by to fill buckets up to use to pour in the toilets so we could use them. Then we called justin's brothers and had them bring up extra water to cook and clean with. I don't even think the kids noticed the water wasn't working- they don't really like to flush, wash hands or take a bath anyways, so they felt right at home. We tried to go fishing on Saturday but it kind of rained the whole time and the fish weren't biting which makes for a boring fishing trip. But other than that we had a blast watching movies and playing games. The kids just ran around and played with the other kids and they thought it was great. They always have so much fun when we go there. Then of course the day we come home it is just beautiful weather, but oh well, we still managed to have a ton of fun, and Tabiona is such a beautiful place it is hard not to enjoy just being there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bunny Foo foo and bunny sparkles

Ever since our bunny "went to heaven" last year, the girls have been begging us for another one, so friday we went to manti and got us two New Zealand white bunnies. Sydney named hers bunny foo foo and madi decided on sparkles, ( which is also what she wanted Ali to name her baby, but oh well) Then saturday justin built a new bunny cage for them. The girls are pretty excited.