Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a mom is worth $ 100,000 a year (or more)

So I was watching Oprah yesterday while making dinner and it had couples on there trying to get through financial distress. There was a mom on there who had a three year old little girl. She used to be a high executive i guess and was make six figures a year and then got laid off. She was complaining on national television how all she does is cook and clean and do laundry, and before she had a housemaid do all of this stuff. She told the audience that it would be easier to just go back to her job than stay home with her ONE child! It just made me sad that she didn't even value the fact that she was at home with her child watching her experience life and raising her to be a good human being with morals and values. The therapist on the show tried to tell her how important it was to be with her child and all she had to say was, "well, I gotta hand it to stay at home moms, but it is just hard when you don't want to be and you have to." So to all the mom's out there I guess you could say that you are worth more than a six figure income, because making that kind of money would be easier. Motherhood is the hardest job I have ever had, but i wouldn't give it up for the all the money in the world!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sydney celebrated her 5th birthday today!!! I can't believe she is so big already. She is a party animal, so she has been sooo excited for the last couple weeks for this day, so i hope the party was everything she wanted it to be. She had about 8 friends show up for the party, so it was a little crazy, but with the help of Ali we made it through. Notice the new hair-do too, last thursday while I was having my meeting she went into the office and started cutting her own hair, thanks to April for finishing though!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2nd place is the first loser

Carbon county rec volleyball ended last night and yes, we are officially the first losers. that isn't too bad though, the competition was actually pretty good this year. We even had Ali on the team this year and she hasn't played since good old church ball, but she held her own. Me and colette try and put a team together every year, and we had a lot of fun this year once again. I have always loved sports and I don't get many opportunities to play anymore so we look forward to this every year. So if any sister in laws, or sisters move to price, you could have a spot on the team next year, we have already started recruiting though so you better reserve your spot now!