Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We got Eggs

Well- we are on are way to being self sufficient! Our dumb chickens finally layed some eggs! We were so excited- so if the nuclear bomb hits tomorrow, at least we will have some protein! We have been trying hard to find ways to be self sufficient and so aside from stocking our food storage we have egg laying chickens and meat chickens. "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear" I am still a little scared of killing chickens and eating them though... I think I might become a vegetarian if it comes to that.


We went Fishing last weekend at Pete's hole in Joe's Valley and it was a little cold but the kids had a blast! I bought both of the girls barbie fishing poles and they were so excited and all of the kids actually caught a fish! we only fished for probably and hour or so. The fish were just there size too! Madi was so funny too. She starts screaming " I got one, I got a fishy!" but then when she actually saw the fish she started backing up and saying "daddy will you get it?" to make matters worse too, madi wet her pants on the way to the outhouse and had to put on kyler's pants, and Justin forgot a sweater. But we still had a lot of fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sydney has a request

Yesterday me and Sydney were talking and she tells me "mom, I really want to be a mermaid" So I tell her, well if you are a mermaid you have to live in the water and you won't be with your family. So then she says " well, maybe everyone could be mermaids and we could put our house under the water too, that would be fun" So then I tell her, well what if someone doesn't want to be a mermaid? she replies " mom, will you ask everyone if they want to be a mermaid... or a butterfly" (i guess the butterfly would be a good enough trade off if the mermaid thing does not work out) So I told Sydney I would ask everyone if they want to be a mermaid with her. This seemed to be something pretty important to her.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I hate winter. not only because it is cold and ugly and cold and did i mention cold. I am so sick of my kids being sick! I swear my kids catch every sickness in Carbon County and I am just tired of taking care of sick kids. Sydney was throwing up all day yesterday and Kyler threw up twice. My neighbor had a little jewelry party and I thought i should go just for a minute and I guess one of her girls had been throwing up earlier, and so I thought we would be fine if they just didn't play with that one girl, actually she was downstairs the whole time, but the bug still got us! Ya know i feed my kids healthy, I make them wash their hands, they get plenty of sleep, I clean the shopping carts... I don't know what I do wrong- basically I feel helpless. Even talking to my pediatrician she basically said when you have that many little kids close in age, they just get sick a lot. So if any of you have any tricks of the mommy trade of keeping your kids well, I would love to know. All I know is each winter is getting progressively worse and I really don't think I can handle one worse than last year.