Monday, October 13, 2008


I hate winter. not only because it is cold and ugly and cold and did i mention cold. I am so sick of my kids being sick! I swear my kids catch every sickness in Carbon County and I am just tired of taking care of sick kids. Sydney was throwing up all day yesterday and Kyler threw up twice. My neighbor had a little jewelry party and I thought i should go just for a minute and I guess one of her girls had been throwing up earlier, and so I thought we would be fine if they just didn't play with that one girl, actually she was downstairs the whole time, but the bug still got us! Ya know i feed my kids healthy, I make them wash their hands, they get plenty of sleep, I clean the shopping carts... I don't know what I do wrong- basically I feel helpless. Even talking to my pediatrician she basically said when you have that many little kids close in age, they just get sick a lot. So if any of you have any tricks of the mommy trade of keeping your kids well, I would love to know. All I know is each winter is getting progressively worse and I really don't think I can handle one worse than last year.


Davey said...

yeah taking care of sick kids is the worst. Try thinking positive about winter and maybe the positive vibes will kill the bad germs.

Rochelle said...

Maybe you should have your kids wash their hands, and clean the shopping cart, and get more sleep, eat healthier and never leave your house... :) I don't think it will get worse than last year, you have reason to hate sickness!!!

Joe said...

I wouldn't let any kid in your house that is sick, even if the parent promises to "keep them distant" from your kids. A sick and likely carrier parent or kid can easily leave germs everywhere. Your kids come first, make up a silly reason to tell the parents: "My kids are hypercontagenic and get sick easily" Nothing could be as bad as last winter. - love ya all, dad

Aubrey said...

Here is my cure . . . I just wish for my kids to get sick and they don't! j/k I am sorry your kids are always getting sick. Maybe moving to California or Arizona might solve the problem! I will move with you!

claudia said...

Diet. We need a better diet. This isn't to say that you feed your kids poorly but...most of us do.

A lot of our health problems come from a weak immune system because of the things we eat...avoid processed foods, lots of coloring in foods, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugars. Legumes, fruit, vegetables, and nuts, and lots of salads is what we should be eating.

Green smoothies are a plus. Immune boosting herbs (made into tea) are great - you can use echinacea or astragalus. Add some licorice root for extra yummy sweetnes (and anti-viral properties.)This can be taken every day all season long.

If you can tell you or your kids are getting sick give them a teaspoon of Colloidal Silver - it's great for most people. It ends my cold after a couple days every time I've used it. (But once our diet is in tact we won't need to use colloidal silver that much.)

Cut out dairy...(if you can!) I haven't fully yet but, I know the less dairy the better for our health. (It increases mucous and viruses love mucous.)

No more processed foods and little meat.

:) Good Luck!

claudia said...

...(A teaspoon of colloidal silver 3 times a day when sick maybe a couple times a day when you feel something is coming on.)