Wednesday, February 25, 2009

goodbye appendix, hello esophagus

So yes, it is true, Justin went into the ER yesterday morning because he was having pains in his stomach and they decided he needed his appendix out. Ali was nice enough to come take care of the kids all day while we waited for our turn, since the surgeon already was booked up, it took us a while for them to fit us in. I was a little concerned about them intubating justin because of his small esophagus so i mentioned it and they said that maybe the doctor could take a look down his throat with the scope and see if he thought it needed to be stretched. Justin has had a small esophagus his whole life but the last 5 years it has been getting worse and worse- his food would get stuck almost every time he ate, we knew he needed the surgery, but kept putting it off. The surgeon said he would take a look. So the appendectomy went good, and they said that his esophagus near the end before it enters the stomach was so small it was almost closed off, he stretched it out a bit but it started to bleed so he had to stop. it still isn't the size of a normal person's, but it feels great for Justin. He also had two ulcers in his stomach and a lot of inflammation from the acid. So I guess we kind of got a two for one deal. He is home and is pretty sore, they put him on an all liquid diet for a week too, Justin will probably be much skinnier next time you see him. We are glad it all went well, not the way we planned on spending our tuesday but what can you do!

Friday, February 13, 2009

25 random things

So this is the second time i wrote this. I didn't do it right the first time and it erased it, so i should be in bed, but i am mad that I went to all that work and it got erased, so i wrote it again, but it is shorter and I think i wrote different stuff, but oh well.

1. I just wrote this, and accidentaly erased it.I am so mad
2. Davey used to call me stinky anne, that name still infuriates me...
3 My best friend in high school was shara parker. we became friends after we ran against each other for class president. I thought she hated me, then she invited me to her birthday party. we were inseperable after that.
4. In high school I scored 33 points on a sprained ankle
5. When I was eight I had a paper route with rochelle and she would pay me one dollar every time we went
6. I bought my upholstery business when I was 22, 2 months after sydney was born
7. I kissed justin on our first date. He was staring at me in the eyes and I panicked and just kissed him. It wasn't until a week later we both really fell for each other.
8. I have had three kids but never gone into labor on my own
9. some of my best memories are going country dancing when I was in high school. we had so much fun!
10. when me and justin first met I died my hair 5 times in a week. Justin's mom thought I was a different girl every time I came over
11. My feet get bigger every time I have a baby
12 Me and justin both love basketball, but I won't play him because he likes to tease me and it makes me mad.
13 when me and justin were first married i spent $25 a week on groceries.
14. I have never been on a diet
15. I love to shop, if I could wear a new shirt every day, I would!
16. I always hated running, but I always did it because my coaches made me.
17. in elementery I would give lavinia liti airheads to beat up boys for me.
16 I don't really like animals, but I always had some sort of pet.
17. when sydney was born justin had to teach me how to hold her and change her... he was born to be a dad, I had to be taught to be a mom!
18 I love ice cream, I eat it 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes more.
19. I have really really thick hair. I use a bottle of conditioner every four to five washes.
20. i like to have my feet touching justin at all times when we are in bed, or even just sitting by each other on the couch.
21. when I was little I would sweep the dirt from the kitchen under the living room rug so i didn't have to go get the dustpan
22 i hide chocolate from my kids so I don't have to share.
23 I always delete forwards that try and tell you not to delete them, it makes me feel rebellious
24 I tried out for Mrs West Valley and lost my voice cheering at one of amanda's games the day before the pageant. I sounded like a cow.
25 My husband can make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants, the only other people that I remember making me laugh that hard is my brothers

Monday, February 9, 2009

Madi, Australia

So every time sydney says prayers she always says that she is thankful for daddy going on a mission to Sydney, Australia. Me and Madi were eating lunch and she said, "mom, we need to say a prayer" and so I said ok go ahead. "Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, thank you for the food, thank you for daddy's mission in Sydney Australia.... and Madi, australia, in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN." I was laughing so hard, and I was the only one there to hear it, I thought it was hilarious though.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First steps

I think that Kyler finally took his first steps. I say that I think he did because he is determined to do it on his own, which means if I try to make him, he just bends his legs to try and sit down and whines. So I have to secretly watch him. He likes to just stand up in the middle of the floor and put his arms up pretty much saying "look at me!" but he refuses to try and walk. BUT- today while he didn't know I was watching I saw him let go of a chair and take three baby steps to the desk! wow! I guess with some kids you need to just let them do it on their own time. Well anyways GO KYLER!