Friday, February 13, 2009

25 random things

So this is the second time i wrote this. I didn't do it right the first time and it erased it, so i should be in bed, but i am mad that I went to all that work and it got erased, so i wrote it again, but it is shorter and I think i wrote different stuff, but oh well.

1. I just wrote this, and accidentaly erased it.I am so mad
2. Davey used to call me stinky anne, that name still infuriates me...
3 My best friend in high school was shara parker. we became friends after we ran against each other for class president. I thought she hated me, then she invited me to her birthday party. we were inseperable after that.
4. In high school I scored 33 points on a sprained ankle
5. When I was eight I had a paper route with rochelle and she would pay me one dollar every time we went
6. I bought my upholstery business when I was 22, 2 months after sydney was born
7. I kissed justin on our first date. He was staring at me in the eyes and I panicked and just kissed him. It wasn't until a week later we both really fell for each other.
8. I have had three kids but never gone into labor on my own
9. some of my best memories are going country dancing when I was in high school. we had so much fun!
10. when me and justin first met I died my hair 5 times in a week. Justin's mom thought I was a different girl every time I came over
11. My feet get bigger every time I have a baby
12 Me and justin both love basketball, but I won't play him because he likes to tease me and it makes me mad.
13 when me and justin were first married i spent $25 a week on groceries.
14. I have never been on a diet
15. I love to shop, if I could wear a new shirt every day, I would!
16. I always hated running, but I always did it because my coaches made me.
17. in elementery I would give lavinia liti airheads to beat up boys for me.
16 I don't really like animals, but I always had some sort of pet.
17. when sydney was born justin had to teach me how to hold her and change her... he was born to be a dad, I had to be taught to be a mom!
18 I love ice cream, I eat it 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes more.
19. I have really really thick hair. I use a bottle of conditioner every four to five washes.
20. i like to have my feet touching justin at all times when we are in bed, or even just sitting by each other on the couch.
21. when I was little I would sweep the dirt from the kitchen under the living room rug so i didn't have to go get the dustpan
22 i hide chocolate from my kids so I don't have to share.
23 I always delete forwards that try and tell you not to delete them, it makes me feel rebellious
24 I tried out for Mrs West Valley and lost my voice cheering at one of amanda's games the day before the pageant. I sounded like a cow.
25 My husband can make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants, the only other people that I remember making me laugh that hard is my brothers


Amanda said...

You got a dollar for the paper route? I remember only getting like a dime when I did there routes. I remember I always had to do the scary houses to.

John said...

We were paid for that?

Rosanne Orgill said...

hey, the paper route check was $16 and so it had to pay for gas and then treats and then divey it up between 6 kids so that was a pretty sweet deal. pretty nice list you got there

Rosanne Orgill said...

Grandpa buhler and his dad Alma buhler hide chocolate too, it must be hereditary

Joe said...

I loved reading these, learned a lot about you ummm... mom and me got the main paycheck on newspapers, but there were deductions .. :)