Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sydney's Birthday, and Easter

Sydney snuck out of bed to help me with her cake, this is just after we finished. She had drawn a picture for me and i guess she figured i was going to mess it up if she didn't help me.

Madi was sad that it wasn't her birthday.

These are all the kids that made it to the party, and notice how the cake went from sugar coated to shiny, thanks to a tip from Ali! I was so excited she knew how to shine it up from watching a cake show on t.v.

Karrie, Nate and the three orth cousins, Mom, Rochelle and her kids drove up for the party but got stuck in the canyon behind an accident, so they missed the party, but stayed for a few hours after. We still set up the jump-o-leen and all the kids got to hold our baby bunnies that were born two weeks ago.

It turned out to be a fun day even though i was a little bummed the cousins didn't make it in time for the party. I guess it was a little less crazy having two parties.

Easter with Orth Cousins