Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what would you do?

So i have always tried to be an honest person, but last week I ran into a little bit of trouble. The house next to me isn't sold yet and the guy that is building it decided to do a stamped concrete deck on the back of it. So they had been working on it and it was his first time doing a stamped concrete so he was experimenting i guess. He finishes up and comes over and tells me that they just finished so to make sure i keep the kids off and i told him "oh sure, no problem". there is no fence between us and the house so the kids kind of just wander around all the houses. So we go in and eat lunch and I put Kyler down for his nap and i start wondering where the kids are. Just then I hear loud, excited voices coming from outside and i think- oh no... I go outside and sydney is out there with four other neighbor kids JUMPING ON THE CONCRETE DECK! I lost it- I start yelling for all the kids to go home and I am pretty sure I scared all of them pretty bad and all i can think about is how this is going to cost me thousands of dollars and plus humiliate me for not being able to keep track of my kids for longer than ten minutes. So i am just in panic mode and so i go get my little swiffer broom and start sweeping off the dust and i really don't see any footprints, but it is hard to tell with the texture. So i go inside ready to just die and a while later i see some guys out there so i go out to confess to them. It is just the concrete guys and they pretty much say to keep my mouth shut. So I go back inside my shop and then the contracter pulls up. So i am hiding in my shop looking through the window trying to read his body language and I decide I need to just go talk to him and quite acting like a kid. So I march out there all ready to confess and he says "it looks great, don't you think" and i just smile and say "yah it looks great!" and I walk away feeling like a coward, yet somewhat relieved. So what would you have done is my question. I really couldn't see any footprints so there didn't seem to be any damage, but if i was on a hidden camera show I totally would have failed the test. So coward or maybe I just got lucky, call it what you want but I think i got pretty lucky.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ok, now a bat

As if weird spiders that look like scorpions, large snakes and tons of other insects were not scary enough, Justin finally found out what has been leaving strange droppings in front of my door.... seriously could the creepy animals just leave me alone! Justin hunted it and killed it though, so I can rest in peace now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

just a little snake...

Our neighbor found this snake in her yard and asked Justin to come kill it. It was a little bigger than your normal snake that is hiding in your garden, kyler didn't seem to be too bothered by it, that's a boy for you i guess.