Sunday, December 16, 2007

2-5-07 Madison's pneumonia

well, I was hoping that getting madison tubes in her ears would solve our problems but it hasn't. we all got a cold last week and both girls got ear infections. this week me and sydney started to feel better, but madison was still really grouchy, but I just figured she was getting a tooth, or she was just being a little grouchy cuz her cold was still hanging around. well friday she was really grouchy and i had noticed her sounding a little wheezy, but nothing too alarming, she was whinning a lot, but I still didn't think much of it and I had a really rough day at work. So saturday I woke up and madison slept in until 9:00 which is like 2 hours later than usual. I knew she was running a fever but I was gonna wait until she woke up to give her something. so when she woke up I brought her upstairs at justin's mom's and gave her a piece of bread and i noticed her hands looked a little purple, then she started falling asleep again just sitting on my lap. just then justin's mom came home and said she thought i should take her in to the clinic down the road. right then I really got scared cuz madison really was acting wierd and I knew something was wrong. so when we got there they told me her temperature was 101.7, her oxygen levels were low and her right tube in her ear was plugged so she had and infection and a more than one spot of pneumonia on her lungs. so they gave her a breathing treatment which i could tell helped immediately, then two shots in her leg , which she really hated, and put her on an oral antibiotic. so it was really scarry for a little while, and she basically slept for two days but today she is doing much better and is really acting like herself again. today she has been walking around and playing. Justin took off half a day of work and stayed home with the girls so I could work. I just hope that I can keep her well now.

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