Sunday, December 16, 2007

7-9-07 Justin tells details of his race

I thought I would drop you a line. I will help clarify what the different classes are, and what it all means. There are two different engine sizes 250 cc and 450 cc, The 250 is capable of speeds up to about 75 mph and the 450 goes 85 mph. So they are really powerful and have a lot of torque similar to a V6 and V8 car engine. The classes are set up in four categories: Beginner, Junior, Intermidiate, and Pro. I signed up for the Over 25 Junior, Which put me in a step up from a beginner, I was also placed with both 250's and 450's. I ride a Honda CRF 250 R, So I was at a disadvantage in my class because my bike has less horsepower than the other bikes in my race, there were only a couple 250's me included and the rest were 450's. But it turned out to be pretty exciting and the choice in class I think fit my riding style correctly. When I went to the gate to stage for the race I was really nervous, I have always wanted to enter a real race and to finally get the opportunity was really exciting. The race included 12 riders, as the race began I found myself in mid pack and I really couldn't tell what position I was in, the dust and mud was everywhere to begin with, in the middle of the first turn I almost had a rider wipe out so it slowed me down a little bit, as the first lap progressed I set my sights on the rider ahead of me and began to try and find a place to pass, the opportunity came on a large straight of way and I passed him, this surprised me and I felt a renewed confidence to give it all I could. I went over a large 40 foot jump and with the momentum I gained I was able to get the next rider ahead of me in my sights, I quickly caught up to him and passed him in a off camber left turn, the third rider was only a few bike lenghts ahead but I could tell he had a 450 by the way he was shredding the dirt ahead of me, as I gained on him it was difficult to try and pass him with the smaller engine, but I was able to capatilize on a slow entrance by the rider into a corner and was able to draw even with him on the exit of the turn, we proceeded to battle for the next couple of turns and straightaways and finally bumped elbows forcing him to slow a bit, I took control and took off. At this point it was the end of the third lap, and the white final lap flag came out, I couldn't see any riders ahead of me at this point and I could start to feel the burning in my lungs from the heat, I found myself saying breathe!!!! Finally the checkered flag came out and I was so exhausted, I rode back to the truck and couldn't believe I had just finished a race. It was awesome, Julianne and my brother and sister came and congratulated me it was cool and I was grateful for there support. Julianne was really supportive which was really surprising, I thought after my bad wreck last year she would have been really against this, so I am really grateful for her help you have raised a great daughter!! Anyways I thought I would tell you how it went. Talk to ya later Justin

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