Sunday, December 16, 2007

3-26-07 Madison burns her finger

well- i didn't think maddy could endure anything more painful that having a fingernail ripped off, but i think this one tops the fingernail. this morning she grabbed my curling iron and badly burned her right hand. I took her to the ER and she had second degree burns on her entire hand. i don't know if you can see it in the picture, but she has a large blister on her thumb and pointer finger and three or four smaller ones on the rest of her fingers. i felt so bad, i was standing right there when she did it too. she is one tough little girl though, she only cried for like a half hour and then she was fine. i can tell it still hurts, but i think the bandages bother her more than anything cuz she keeps trying to pull them off. she's had a rough couple of months, i just hope this is the end of it...


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