Sunday, December 16, 2007

7-17-07 Madison gets hurt again

well, madison got hurt again today. we were eating lunch and i think she was trying to get off her stool and fell. she didn't really look like she got hurt, but her armpit got stuck on one on the rungs of the chair. she held it for a minute, but then she acted fine. then i tried to pick her up and grabbed her under her arms and she started crying real bad. we decided to go have it looked at, and they took an x-ray which didn't show any broken bones, but i heard her screaming down the hall when they were lifting her arms, (i'm glad justin took her in and not me). so the doctor was guessing that she tore her cartilage between her two rotarty cups, but he really didn't know. we have to take her back on monday for a bone scan to see if that can tell us any more. I really didn't think she got hurt that bad, but she screams every time you even move her so i think she is in a lot of pain. they put her on lowertab for the pain, and they wrapped her up real good to immobilize her. i'm sure she will be fine, but i really don't know for sure what she did, but at least the medication makes her sleep alot. i will let you know how she's doing in a few days.

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