Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kyler: Feb 15, 2008

Kyler is doing well weaning off his oxygen, and his lungs are sounding really well. He failed his "swallow test" yesterday though. They watch him through an xray machine and give him a few drops of milk to see if it goes in the right tube and a few drops went into his airway which means he is having a delayed response to eating. this is common in RSV babies who have had a tube down there throat for so long, your body forgets how to swallow. so he is going to have to be fed through a tube for another week to two weeks and then be tested again. We are also still waiting to hear back on his blood infection, if it has moved through his body then we may be here for another two weeks, so i am really hoping it never moved past his PICC line- but i will let you guys know when we find out

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