Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kyler: Feb 12, 2008

well we have been here for 17 days now, i hope it won't be too much longer. Kyler is still doing good. they have sent by a physical therapist and a few other people to help kyler get some strength back. she told me he isn't as weak as what she expected considering what he has been through, but he is still to weak to eat so she showed me some exercises to get his muscles to wake up a little bit. THey also told me that he needs to be reintroduced to "nice" touches since he has been poked and prodded so much they get so they don't want to be touched, which made me feel better to know that-cuz at first when i held him he acted really uneasy, but he is doing a lot better now. they also found some bacteria growing in his PICC line so they removed that and gave him antibiotics and his fever has now cleared up,so i was happy about that. He is smiling and cooing again, so hopefully by the weekend we will be able to come home.
love, julianne

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