Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kyler: Feb 11, 2008

So kyler was released from the PICU yesterday afternoon and they put him up into the infant unit. we were way excited to get him moved, but the nurse that we got transferred to was kind of an idiot. I guess she just moved to this hospital and obviously doesn't realize what is expected of the nurses here. I have been so impressed by all the nurses here, she was somewhat of a let down. they need to wean kyler of the narcotics he has been on but they cut his medications in half which was too much and he started having withdrawls- irritability, diarrhea etc. and on top of that the nurse was 2 hours late in giving him his dosage,he was running a fever last night and was not urinating enough and they couldn't break up his secretions. they did some blood tests on him to see if he had an infection and didn't find anything. luckily the night nurse was a good nurse, she stuck by him all night and figured out he was dehdrated so they gave him some fluids through his IV, and upped his med's so he is not having withdrawls as bad. so he is doing better now and i talked to the doctor about the nurse yesterday not having a clue what was going on. He still will not nurse but that will take some time for him to remember what to do, but they are still feeding him through his tube. So hopefully we can get back on track now, he seems to be a lot more comfortable today.

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