Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kyler: Feb 5, 2008

Last night they finally got kyler switched to a conventional respirator. the transition went a lot better than last time and he has been tolerating it well so far. They actually turned him on his belly this morning to help him breath better and when they did he started taking a few breaths himself. they still have him paralized and sedated though so he really doesn't need to be breathing on his own yet. it was good to at least see that he is able to breath on his own though. I still haven't seen him move yet, I hope they will let him wake up a little cuz it is hard to go so long without seeing him move, but he is making slow progress. right now they are trying to get him to get rid of some of the water he has been retaining cuz he is really puffy right now, and just trying to keep his vitals good so they can start weaning the machine down. He is doing better though finally, but i still expect a few more weeks of recovery. thanks for all your help and prayers

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