Sunday, December 14, 2008

7 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow is mine and Justin's seven year anniversary! I can't believe we have been married that long, it has gone by so fast. So for our seven years i think i will write seven things about my wonderful husband Justin
1- I love how justin still tries to make me laugh every day, even though I usually just get mad at him when he does.
2- He always knows how to change my mood around, which usually involves finding some chocolate to give to me.
3- Justin has a very tender heart and he knows how to make people feel special, I love that about him.
4- He is the best dad i could have ever asked for. The kids adore him and i know that he loves them. He works hard to give us everything our family needs.
5- He is also a wonderful husband, he still makes me feel like i am his princess.
6- He helps me be a better person and helps me achieve my goals
7- I still think he is a hotty, and I love him more and more every day!
So happy anniversary honey! I hope i didn't embarrass you by telling everyone how great you are :)


Joe said...

Awesome post Julianne, I read every word and agreed with it. So glad you found him, he has subtle ways of making a person feel worthwhile and special. Can't wait for Xmas day when I see you all again. keep mentioning my name to the kids, so they will remember me -- love ya all, Joe aka Grandpa aka Dad

Joe said...


Joe said...

Have I had that green car that long? I think we have at least 150,000 on it

Rosanne Orgill said...

wow, 7 years, I can't believe it. You two are doing a great job with your family and each other. Those are awsome 7 qualities about Justin for your anniversary. Keep up the great work

Davey said...

congrats on making it 7 years guys.
only 67 left.