Friday, May 2, 2008

More about me

What were you doing ten years ago?
wow this makes me feel old. ten years ago i was a sophomore in high school hoping to get asked to the last dance of the year. Every night i would sit at home, sewing washclothes, listening for footsteps outside the door hoping it was a boy dropping off something to ask me to the dance!

6 things on my to do list today
1- get kids dressed
2- wash sydney's hair
3- buy mom a dress for mother's day
4 drive to logan to watch amanda graduate
5- survive another two hour drive with three kids
6- help justin and dad work on the bathroom

5 bad habits-
1- I like to sleep in as late as i can until the kids are dragging me out of bed
2- when i find something on sale... and it is a really really good sale, i have no control.... i will buy it.
3- I can't sit still, i always have to be touching my hair or face or something. it even annoys me
4 - I cry a lot, funny things, sad things, cute things, embarrassing things- whatever- i cry
5- sometimes i like to pick fights with Justin, just cuz i want to.

If i were a sudden billionare-
I would fix everything in my parent's house, and build that dang porch out back my mom has talked about for 20 years. then i would buy lots of clothes, and a cool car for justin, and take everyone on a cruise, then i would tell justin to do something smart with our money before i spend it all, (but i would keep a little hidden for myself)

6 jobs i have had-
1- newspaper route
2- sewed washclothes for connie
3brocks produce picking cucumbers
4- Chili's waitress
5 Jc penney in the lingerie department
6- upholstery


Joe said...

Thanks Julianne, you and other kids have already made some miraculous changes in our home already, living room, fire room, new couch, painting, etc. Mom and I appreciate it so much, I will probably try to paint upstairs playroom, and recarpet before the deck tho' :)

Rochelle said...

I have to admit, I have never noticed the face toucing thing