Monday, April 28, 2008

Justin's first mission conversion on

I thought I would let you know about my first baptism on my mission, the website, just interviewed him for their website if you wait on the home page he is the one who answers the question: "Does God Really Know Me". This is such a great experience to know that people who you worked with are still succeeding and growing in the gospel. His name is Lee Singvah. -- Justin
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The Bliss Family said...

That is really neat! I bet it's very satisfying to hear how all of your hard work in the mission field has come to fruition!

claudia said...

Wow, that's so neat! Where did you go on your mission?

Rochelle said...

That's cool, I would be nervous to hear what some of the people that I taught would say:). Seriously though, That must be very rewarding to see that.