Thursday, January 22, 2009

While cleaning up...

While cleaning up the basement after some little kids had decided to pull a bunch of my things out of the boxes downstairs I came across a folded piece of paper with Justin's writing on it, and it was "notes" from when Justin proposed to me. So I thought I would share it with you because we got such a kick out of it.

-Drive by Buzz field
-Go to PF CHANG's
-Walk by temple
-go get iceburg
-drive by the bay and country dance in parking lot!!
-Go to Special Spot
Blind fold her
Have a blanket, Martinelli's, candles, and blue boar glasses
Roses, Poem

Roses are Red Violets are blue
and when I look into eternity
all I see is you
And when I first saw you,
I knew that my dreams had
come true, that there was a
girl out there as beautiful as you.
I never met a girl
who has such high integrity
and thinks about basketball
just as much as me!!
and although I'm not
perfect, I want you to know,
there is no one else out there
that I want to be married to.
And so with those few words,
I want you to know-
you made my wish come true
there is something special I want to give to you...

All the places he listed had special meaning in our relationship, so that is why he chose all of those. I thought it was so cute though that he wrote notes so he wouldn't forget anything.


Amanda said...

That is very sweet.. What are blue boar galsses??

Anonymous said...

that is so neat that you were able to find that. It is sweeter now that the years have passed by and you can look back. You thought that you were in love then and now look at how far your love has progressed and it will continue to grow into the future. what an awsome list, never forget it
p.s. yeah, what are boar glasses

Rosanne said...

that last commene was momma o

Rochelle said...

And didn't he like step in poo and couldn't open the Martinelli bottle or something like that? I didn't see that on the list. Seriously though, I love that, it is so sweet!!!

julianne orth said...

they just look like wine glasses. and yes there was some stepping in poo, but I guess that wasn't planned because it wasn't on the list... same as the problem with opening martinelli's with your teeth because it doesn't have an easy open

justin said...

I have to admit, julianne finding that note, has been both a funny thing, and a positive thing. It proves how good of a poet, I am. And second I remembered some of the details that led me to falling in love with you! It is always funny to look back on what has happened and where we are. I love ya babe!

Davey said...

justin is a great poet.
now i've seen his basketball side, his four wheeling side and his tender side.

Dad said...

What a beautiful poem, it was nice to see that side of Justin :) I got a lump in my throat reading it, and knowing he treats you special and makes you happy.