Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vegas, stomach flu and Early Valentines

Last week me and Justin got to go down to Vegas for a few days. He had some training to do down there so we got to go on a free trip! And of course, Sunday night sydney starts throwing up. we were leaving on wednesday morning, but anyone that has kids knows that when one kid is throwing up, the others are not far behind. So monday night- no throw up, tuesday everything seemed fine. We drove up to mom's and stopped to visit Justin's grandpa for a minute, then went to mom's house. We were planning on leaving at five and at three o'clock, Madi starts throwing up- wonderful.... So i spent most the rest of the night laying by her- she only threw up 2 times more and then she seemed to be fine. I told mom to call the family and give them fair warning so i didn't get in trouble for making everyone sick since they would be hanging out the whole week, and then we left. I hate leaving my kids when they are sick but mom said they would be fine with her. So Vegas was great. We did a lot of relaxing and shopping. We went and saw Avatar one night, which was better than I expected. The best part was just getting to hang out with my honey all week. But all good things have to come to an end and we headed back on Saturday. We stopped by and saw Justin's grandpa one more time, he was declining rapidly so we went to say goodbye. He passed away a few days later.
So while we were gone I guess Kyler threw up too, (sorry mom) but I thought we were done with it. Then yesterday at like 2:00 I started feeling a little sick, I had to do enrichment that night and I was just feeling like crap, but you can't really stay home if you are running the whole thing, so I went and just suffered through it. I started feeling a little bit better as the night went on, but all i could think about was going home, getting in the tub, then getting in bed. Usually me and my girlfriends go out after and hang out for a while but I told them I didn't feel up to it. So i get in my car and there is a note from Justin on my window just telling me he loves me, and I thought that was so sweet. Then I get home and the door is locked so i take a minute to find my keys and I come inside and there are flowers on the counter with a card and rose petals to the tub he just filled up for me. I was in heaven, nothing could have made me feel better. He said he wanted to celebrate it early since we will be up at the funeral all weekend. I thought it was so sweet. So yes the stomach flu didn't ruin all of our fun, even though it tried. Happy Valentines Day!


Amanda said...

Not fun with all the throw up. But I'm glad you had a fun trip. great surprise for valentines day!

Rosanne Orgill said...

wow what a fun trip you had. That is such a nice surprise Justin did for you with the rose pedals and the bathtub, wow. What more could you want?

Ashley and Keith said...

Julianne...How sweet! I'm glad you had a great valentines! It was good to see you guys at grandpas funeral....Oh this is Ashley Justins Cousin btw...You guys are such a cute family! Love You Guys!